Roommate disputes are an almost inevitable issue that will arise at some point during your time living with someone. A year is a long time to share an apartment with someone, and people will always have disagreements about how things should be done.

Open Communication Can Resolve Roommate Disputes Before They Arise

From our experience, the key to dealing with roommate disputes is having honest and open conversation. Dealing with issues as they arise is important because it prevents any of the parties of the dispute from fostering resentments. Nobody wants to deal with a passive aggressive roommate who clearly has some issues with the housing situation but rather than voicing them, goes out of there way to make everyone else’s life more difficult. This accomplishes nothing.

If There’s A Problem, Voice Your Opinion Before It’s Too Late

If you have an issue with something in the house, don’t be afraid to speak-up. There’s a good chance the disgusting kitchen will bother whoever refuses to clean a lot less than it will bother those who already handle their cleaning.

Set-up Weekly or Monthly Meetings

For situations with a large number of roommates involved, homies™ recommends having a roommate meeting either once every two weeks or once a month where all parties gather to discuss any issues they may have within the house. These are not meant to be critical venues where all parties take sides against one party, but rather open venues to construct a mutually agreeable way to resolve things within the house. It’s far more productive to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t do the dishes or never helps with the cleaning than it is to allow the sink to overflow to prove a point to that person.

Set An Agenda For Your Meetings

During a roommate meeting, it is important to help the other party see your side of the situation. Keeping with the concept of not cleaning the dishes, it is important to express that you would like to have a clean kitchen so that you can cook yourself meals, or that you are worried about insects if the kitchen does not get cleaned. The goal isn’t to try and shame the other party into doing what you want them to do, because that shame will only last so long. The goal is to get them to see your side, and understand that living with other people involves compromising.

These Meetings Should Be More About Bonding and Less About Roasting

A roommate meeting doesn’t have to be a chore, and there doesn’t necessarily need to be any negative discussion on a week by week basis. It can just be everyone in the house getting together and cooking dinner, or going out whichever is preferred. The goal is strictly to have a venue for open communication where everyone is comfortable expressing themselves.

Create A Homies Roommate Agreement – A Fool Proof Way To Set The House Rules Straight

Another major thing to consider with regard to roommate disputes, is how do you resolve a lot of them before they happen. Creating a roommate agreement is a great way to discuss many potential issues that may arise before you even start living with each other. Getting potential issues out in the open, as well as creating policies with regards to them can help to prevent many disputes from arising in the first place.

Accountability Is A Key To Success

The best way to make sure all your roommates are accountable is to create a google doc or whiteboard. This can be used to keep track of all the chores and household duties as well as bills that need to be paid. It’s hard to ignore what’s right in front of you. You’ll thank us later when you begin to see the results from this.