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Scroll through a curated list of matching homies, and select from a community of like-minded members with priorities and traits you actually want in a roommate.

Real people. Real interest. Really easy. No spam.

Detailed snapshots of matching homies on our app make commitments more secure, and a lot easier. We understand that you’re not just sharing a room — you’re trusting your space, your safety, your pets, and often your credit with a stranger.

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Take a digital tour of the space and neighborhood that matches your criteria before trekking out to the property. We live here, homies. We work here. We rent here. We get it.

My cat wakes up at 6:20AM every morning — Just like me.

We encourage all our homies to be upfront and honest about social habits, pet preferences, and work-schedule to maintain a balanced partnership that reaches far beyond a credit check.

High-Rise Life Without the High-Rise Price

We do our hom(i)ework, and partner with some of the most responsibly managed properties in the city to ensure our homies community has a solid group of options from which to choose. Apartment buildings add an extra layer of security that is unavailable in row-homes, and sharing one provides a price point that is more attainable by most.

Homies tenant portal allows our users to find rooms and roommates in some of Baltimore’s best apartment buildings.

Roommates and Rooms | Simplified

Meet the Homies Team

Mark Lubin and Win Warfield met in 2006, when they were paired as roommates at boarding school. Their experience as roommates was excellent and they have remained friends ever since. Years later, Mark and Win were commiserating about how unhappy each of them was with his current roommate, and how great it would have been if they had been able to learn more about their roommates before moving in together.

Mark and Win quickly recognized that there was a great need for a service that would enable a person looking for a roommate to maximize the likelihood of finding a good fit before getting into the relationship. In August 2015, Mark and Win formed Homies in order to provide just such a service.

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