So you want to have an apartment with furniture that looks as cool as this, do ya?

If I told you that you could decorate (in a super cool way) your  apartment for less than $1000 and capture a similar look, would you believe me?

You should, because it’s true.

There’s no doubt that living on a budget often restricts us from turning our pad into the ultimate definition of superior interior design. But we’ve got a few tips so that you can create a space that is cozy, efficient, and awesome to be in.

1) Facebook Marketplace

I scoffed at this when my neighbor first showed me this option, but Facebook has a feature now called the Marketplace.

If you go to your phone, you’ll see a little house-like icon at the top center.

When you click on it, you can choose your location, how far you want to travel to look at goods, and then customize the item that you want to find. The next thing you know, you’ll have a million choices in front of you.

For example:
Let’s take the red couch on this page as our must-have item.

Furniture on Overstock is ExpensiveFacebook Marketplace Has More Affordable Furniture

On (left), you would pay $1300 for a couch like the one in the link above. That’s a lotta dough. On the Facebook Marketplace app (right), I found a similar couch for $200.

I don’t know about you, but I like the price tag on the second couch much better.

2) Your Local Flea Market

Don’t knock it until you try it

Years ago when I had my first apartment, I had nothing to put up on the walls. I mean, nothing. Someone told me about a local indoor flea market and all the cool stuff that was in it. So off I went to investigate.

I was beside myself.

I found vintage-like pictures and rustic furnishings that fit my style. Even modern furnishings and wall decor were in there. Let’s take a look at what we can find when we take the time to play in a flea market.

For example:
Expensive Furniture on AmazonLet’s look at finding the cog-style clock on the same page as the couch. Cool, right?

While we don’t always find exactly what we’re looking for, we can often find something close.

On, I found a similar cog clock for $166.

Now let’s take a look at a clock that I found at a local flea and antique shop.

The broker was asking $100 for it. But after seeing that it was tarnished and a number was missing, I managed to talk him down to $70.

No, I didn’t buy it. But I did bargain for the sake of this post. And personally, I like the look of the clock at the antique shop over the one in our example and on Amazon.

3) The Curb

You’re laughing now. I get it. Who picks up furniture off the side of the road?

Let’s just say that during that time in my life when I was furnishing my first place, money was precious. So when a friend showed me an ad in the paper that said, “Large Furniture Pick-Up Day,” I was all sorts of excited.

The ad alerted neighbors that they could get rid of big-ticket items at no cost to them by putting the items on the curb Friday morning. The village would incur the cost of pick up on this one day.

My friend and I started looking that morning at 7 a.m. (Trust me, we weren’t alone.)

Let’s see how free compares to not free.


Find Furniture on Craigslist

Find Furniture on the CurbThis shabby chic table (left) was on Craigslist in Rhode Island for $100. Not a bad little table, huh?

The brown table (right) is the one I picked up years ago on “Large Furniture Pick-Up Day.”

If I were to paint this baby white, I might get away with selling it for $100, too.

Right now it’s in my basement, but I’m suddenly inspired to paint it and bring it upstairs to put in my dining room.

See what a post like this can do?

So far we’ve spent a total of $270 dollars. We managed to get a couch, a clock, and a cool table to park next to the couch (after a coat of paint).

We’ve got $730 left. With the remaining cash, what else can you buy?

While you’re thinking about it, what are some other ways that you can emulate and furnish an apartment that you admire?

(PS – I already started painting that table…)