Where is Homies available?

Homies is currently available in Baltimore and the surrounding metropolitan area. If you are moving somewhere and would like to use Homies, please email us at info@homiesapp.io

Is Homies available on the web?

A fully functioning website is coming soon; for now please download either our iPhone or Android apps, and make sure to take a look at our co-living blog.

Is Homies available for Android?

Yes! the Homies app is currently available on Android. Download here 

Is Homies available for iOS?

Yes! the Homies app is currently available on iOS. Download here

Does Baltimore include areas outside of the city?

Yes! Baltimore includes all major surrounding areas.

How do I retrieve my password?

To retrieve your password:
1. Tap on sign in
2. Tap on forgot your password
3. You will receive an email with instructions on how to change your password

Compatibility Method

What are the benefits of the questionnaire?

The information collected on the questionnaire is used to create a compatibility score with other users. The more questions you answer, the better we can find the perfect roommate for you.

How long does the compatibility test take?

Most users take 5-10 minutes to finish the compatibility assessment

What are the matches based on?

The matches are based on both household and general lifestyle preferences. They are intended to match you with a roommate that is looking for the same living situation as you are.

What is a good match?

Anything above 70% is a good match and over 80% is Great!

What answers can other users see?

The only answers that others will be able to see are the ones to these questions:

  1. How do you feel about living with pets?
  2. How do you feel about smoking?
  3. Where do you work from?
  4. Budget
  5. Move in date
  6. Desired neighborhoods

We display these questions because they are ones that are likely to become deal-breakers for potential roommate matches.

How do I change my responses to the questionnaire?

  1. Select “my profile” on the dashboard.
  2. Select “edit” which will bring you to the “edit profile section”.
  3. From there you will click on edit answers in the compatibility section.

Remember to click save for each changed answer.


How does Homies work?

Homies uses a compatibility questionnaire as well as information pulled from Facebook in order to create both a user profile and a compatibility score with all the other Homies Users. Users are able to list rooms, find potential roommates, and create a set of guidelines around their living arrangements.

What makes Homies different?

Unlike most other “roommate finder”, Homies uses information about your lifestyle, and living preferences to create compatibility scores with other users. This gives you the best possible chance of finding a roommate that you will click with, and enjoy living with. We also designed a contract builder – allowing you to make sure that you’re on the same page before you finalize the move-in.

Is Homies free to use?

Yes! Homies is free to use.

Can I report a bug or a glitch?

Yes please email us at info@homiesapp.io.

Why am I having trouble signing up with Facebook?

  1. Go to settings on your phone
  2. Scroll down to view Facebook settings
  3. Make sure the slider next to Homies is switched to green (on).

I found a roommate what do I do next?

Awesome, we’re always happy when our users can find another homie to live with. Please check out our contract builder and set the expectations for your new home.


What data do you collect when I sign up with Facebook?

Email, birthday, education, history, work history, friends and your profile picture is all of the information that will be collected and used.

Can anyone see the exact address of my home?

No, to protect our users, addresses are displayed as approximations only.

Do you post anything automatically to my Facebook?

Homies will never post anything to your Facebook wall.

Can Homies users access any of my info that is not displayed?

No, we only display the information that is available on your profile. The way your profile appears to you is how it will appear to others.


How can I make sure that users are real?

The best way to ensure that the user you are talking to is real is to access the messaging system and chat with them. Although Homies does everything in our power to monitor users some are bound to slip through the cracks.

How do I chat with another user?

Step one “click on the users profiles”

Step two “ tap chat icon”

Step three “ get to know your homie”

Can I report other users for suspicious behavior?

Yes, click the icon with three dots on it, and click report or block user.

Why should I sign up using Facebook?

Information pulled from Facebook is used to create your profile. You’ll save yourself time, and make other users more comfortable contacting since you will be Facebook verified.

How do I make changes to my user profile?

Step one “hit dashboard”

Step two “tap on the my profile”

Step three “ click the edit button”. Make sure to save your changes.

Why am I not getting messages from potential housemates?

The quality of the profile plays a large role in whether or not users will consider you as a potential roommate. As such, our first suggestion is to make sure that your profile is filled out with as much information as possible, and to make sure that you are clearly visible in your photos. If you are still having problems please feel free to email us at … and we will be happy to help you in any way possible.

Can I search for a housemate for my open room?

Yes, just click the home button on the dashboard. Happy Searching!

Why haven’t I received a verification email after signup?

If you have checked your spam folder and still not received it please email us at info@homiesapp.io


How do I change who can see my profile?

Go to the settings section of the dashboard, and you will be able to choose both the age range, and gender of people who can see your profile. You can also hide your profile altogether.

How do I change which profiles I see?

If you are looking for a room click the “room listings button” on the dashboard.

Select the “filter Button” on the top right corner of the screen.

Change your filters to suit your needs.

Roommate Agreement

Why can’t I add a roommate to a contract?

You can only add people to the contracts who you have an active conversation with, please go to their profile and start a conversation.

Are these contracts legally binding?

Although it is not our intention to have our contracts litigated in court, they are in fact legally binding and can be treated as such. The goal of the contract is to set the guidelines and repercussions of the housing experience, and as such should be a starting point for any complaints against a roommate.

Why should I create a roommate agreement?

In any housing arrangement, it is important to have a set of expectations, This becomes especially important when you don’t know the person that you are living with. It is beneficial for our clients to create a roommate agreement in order to help protect themselves, as well as to better allow the housing situation to be a good one.

Why should I use the contract builder?

The goal of the contract builder is to lay out the expectations for the future housing relationship in a legally binding format. It takes into consideration all expenses as well as cleaning and other household rules in order to make the living situation as beneficial as possible. While it is not mandatory we do highly advice taking advantage of our contract builder and the legal work that has gone into it.

Do I have to use the contract builder?

No, the contract builder is totally optional, but we highly recommend it to anyone who is living with someone they don’t already know.

Are they valid legal contracts?

 Yes, they are valid legal contracts created by our lawyers at Nixon Peabody.

How do I send out a contract?

Once you have gone through all of the steps to build your roommate agreement you will be prompted to create a roommate agreement, from there the agreement will be displayed, and in the top right hand corner of the screen you will see an ellipsis, click on that. You will then be prompted with different options, you can choose between emailing it, or sending it to a user on the app.

How come I can’t make a lease agreement?

The contract for the lease agreement is in the works and will be updated when it is released.