Looking for an excuse to get out of the house? Need a sweat? Consider heading to the gym! Baltimore has a handful of options for your fitness needs. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you’re a short distance from one of Baltimore’s best gyms!

  • Under Armour Performance Centers (Downtown, HQ). Under Armour is a lifeblood of Baltimore, and in alignment with their vision statement, they empower Baltimore athletes through their Performance Centers. With two locations – downtown on Light Street and UA HQ – UA Performance are highly-equipped facilities (with stunning architecture) for your fitness needs.  
  • MV Fitness. In the heart of Mount Vernon, MV Fitness is a unique alternative to the stereotypical gym atmosphere. Tucked in to a repurposed row house, the gym brings an elevated vibe to working out! If you’re looking for an effective workout in a quiet, chic space that also offers physical therapy access, this is the place for you!
  • Federal Hill Fitness. Federal Hill Fitness is another great option for breaking a sweat. The gym is located in the heart of Federal Hill, on Cross St and has been voted one of the Top Gyms in Baltimore. They offer members access to group classes and personal trainers in addition to quality equipment.
  • Brick Bodies Fitness. Brick Bodies has multiple locations including at the Rotunda, Belvedere Square, and Reisterstown. With levels that allow you to access different locations, membership at Brick Bodies is great for anyone 1) on the move 2) who works on the outskirts of the city.
  • Merritt Clubs. We would say Merritt is one of the most populated gyms for those living in the city. With their convenient locations in Canton, Federal Hill, Downtown, Towson, Owings Mills, it’s another option for those looking to hit up the gym close to home. Not to mention, some of the locations have pools….with a bar. Whether you like to sweat before a drink, or the morning after a few, Merritt has it covered.

CrossFit Studios. For those of you looking for a CrossFit studio nearby, see below:

  • EarthTreks. With locations in Hampden, Timonium, Columbia, and Rockville, Earth Treks offers members options for traditional and non-traditional workouts. They’re known to be a “climbing gym” where guests can rock-climb at their leisure, however, locations are also stocked with traditional workout equipment. And on top of all that, they even have fitness studios and yoga! Head to their website to find the location closest to you!
  • Knockout Fitness. Knockout Fitness is another gym in Federal Hill offering unique classes for those looking to change up their fitness routine. Yes, it is a gym. But Knockout also offers boxing classes, including their “Fight Club” boxing classes with hip-hop music and a club atmosphere. Workouts here are high energy and inclusive of all fitness levels.
  • BeMore Bootcamp. Ready to get your butt kicked? BeMore Bootcamp classes sit somewhere between personal training and a high-energy workout class. Their Canton classes take place on an indoor turf field with a plethora of equipment so you get a bit of cardio, strength, training, and sports conditioning. Ready to kick it up a notch? Check out BeMore Bootcamp’s Canton schedule for your next workout.


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