Towson University Students – Find the Perfect Roommate

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July 25, 2018
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August 15, 2018

No one likes roommate drama. College comes with enough responsibility – easing into adulting while managing courses and extracurriculars. The last thing that should stress you out is your living situation. There are a lot of fish in the sea of Towson students, and finding the perfect roommate can be a lot like dating. Good thing there’s an app for that! At Homies, we know that a big part of your successful college experience at Towson University, both academically and socially, is a cooperative living environment.

To avoid roommate drama, it’s important to do your homework. That’s why we’ve come up 5 considerations for Towson University students looking for the perfect roommate!

1. Apartment or House?

You should never assume a future roommate doesn’t have an opinion on the type of space in which they live. A room in an apartment can be drastically different than a room in a house. This decision may influence whether you live on or off Towson’s campus, as well as determine if you’ll need to look for more roommates. Also, rent payments! Remember: bigger space, more roommates, cheaper rent. Tired of sharing a dorm room? Want your own floor? Maybe you have a dog and need more space? You’ll want to discuss what type of space works best for you and your lifestyle (classes, job, budget), and then decide upon a location accordingly!

2. What’s my age again?

You may not immediately see age as a deciding factor for potential roommates, but it’s something you can consider when looking. When rooming with students your same age, there’s a likelihood of overlapping classes, and friend groups – and the potential to room together for future years before graduation. Logistically speaking, living with upperclassmen or graduate students opens you up to  replacing said roommate upon their graduation. Not a bad thing — just a something to take into consideration!

3. Give me some work-space.

Before moving in with someone, you’ll want to discuss ideal study environments. College is meant to be, at its core, an academic experience; so it’s important to live in an environment that helps your whole household succeed academically. Do you prefer to study at home? Make sure your roommate(s) understand the need for some peace and quiet before exams. Maybe you all prefer to study at the Cook library? A local coffee shop? Group study dates can serve as extra motivation while keeping everyone accountable.

4. Towson Frat Parties or bars?

Another prime consideration when looking for a roommate is about how your potential roommate(s) have fun. If they would prefer to host social gatherings at your place, while you prefer to use home as a workspace, discussions about a schedule or compromise seem inevitable. OR maybe you both prefer a night out at some of the Towson bars. Problem solved.

5. Third roommate or third wheel?

Do your potential roommates have significant others? Do you? Either way, if a +1 plans to stay at your place on a regular basis, it’s an important subject to communicate. Maybe this isn’t an immediate issue for you or your roommate, but it’s important to think about before signing a lease with someone in a serious relationship. If +1-sleepovers become a regular occurrence, does the +1 intend to pay rent? Contribute to utilities? Food costs? On the other hand, maybe you’re single and would prefer to live with someone with a similar relationship status. Your lifestyle, your prerogative. Just be sure to talk it out!

Moral of the story: Understanding your wants and needs from a co-living situation is important before selecting the perfect college roommate(s). College is rigorous so you’ll want to consider all the Pros and Cons of Co-Living before moving in. Are you looking for a best friend or just someone with whom to share a space? Do you prefer home to be a social environment or workspace? Do you like being home alone or would rather come home to someone with the same schedule? All things to take into consideration!

We want to make sure you’re focusing energy on your coursework and responsibilities – not handling an unnecessarily stressful living situation. And if five weren’t enough, HERE are some more considerations for Towson students looking for new living arrangements!

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