A Guide to Living in Canton

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July 2, 2018
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July 20, 2018

So you’re looking to move to Canton! Or perhaps you already live there? Whether you’re new to the city, moving to a new neighborhood, or born and raised in Baltimore, it never hurts to know what’s around. We at Homies strive to be a resource to those looking to move into a new area or further explore their own neighborhoods, so we’ve put together the following Guide to Living in Canton! See map below for all.


  • Restaurants. Canton is known for its plethora of restaurants, bars, and dining options to fit any craving. As a highly residential area, the neighborhood has numerous corner bars, perfect for anyone looking to move where he/she can get a bite-to-eat close to home. Many have gained notoriety beyond just Canton neighbors and are must-try spots in Baltimore. See the map below for spots to check out on your next Roommate Date!
  • Grocery Stores. Looking to stay in and make dinner, instead? We get it! Canton has two main stores at which you can pick up groceries – Safeway and Harris Teeter.


    • Bars. If you’re looking to get your drink on, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of what vibe you’re seeking, Canton has got you covered. From affordable happy hours at Looney’s Pub to upscale nightcaps at Gunther & Co., we’ve listed popular Canton bars below! Check them out.
    • Breweries. One of Baltimore’s breweries, Monument City Brewing calls the greater-Canton area home (it’s technically located in Highlandtown, Canton’s neighbor to the east!)
    • Liquor Stores. Hosting a housewarming party? Roof-deck gathering? Need booze? Luckily you’ve got some solid options as far as liquor stores are concerned. And their close to the grocery store. I believe that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.
    • Coffeeshops. We couldn’t give you the low-down on drinks in a neighborhood without including coffee shops. Although Mount Vernon and Fells Point have a higher density of coffeeshops, Patterson Perk and OneDo Coffee are sure to fulfill all of your caffeine needs!


  • Gyms. The Baltimore gym-chain Merritt has a location in Canton if you’re looking for a more traditional workout. With a rooftop pool, may we add.
  • Studios. If you’re looking for a different style of workout, there are a LOT of different studios that specialize in specific classes. See the map below to see the variety of fitness studios that call Canton home!


  • Pools. If you join Merritt in Canton (see above), you’ve got a built-in summer pool option! If you’re looking for more of an urban resort experience, you could also consider joining Swim Club Baltimore. You could also try making friends with someone who lives in an apartment complex with a pool? Sounds like a perfect opportunity for some #HomiesHangouts!
  • Intramural Sports. Intramural sports are a staple in Canton-culture. The Kickball League of Baltimore and Volo Sports organize leagues for multiple sports throughout Canton. In Patterson Park. At HomeSlyce. At Bo Brooks. Intramural teams are the perfect way to stay social and active; we definitely recommend looking into joining in on the fun!


  • All-purpose stores. You need batteries and cake mix at 9:30PM on a Tuesday. Hey, we don’t judge. Where do you go? Yes, Canton Crossing has a grocery store, but it also has a Target. What more does one need?
  • Clothes. If you need to buy clothes without venturing too far from home, Canton Crossing also contains an Old Navy, Ann Taylor, DSW, and of course, Target.
  • Hardware stores. Hopefully there are no surprise accidents in your house/apartment that require an emergency fix, but in case you need a hardware store on short notice, Canton does have an Ace Hardware. Because Target might not have EVERYTHING.



Recently relocate to Baltimore? Looking for more Baltimore restaurant and activity recommendations? Here are our tips on living like a local, Canton Roommate Date ideas, and some of our other favorite city spots!

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