Have you ever evaluated potential roommates based on their professions? Some people are cognizant of potential significant others’ careers, but what about those with whom we share our spaces? Selecting a roommate isn’t always the easiest task, and there are a handful of considerations that can influence deciding on a roommate.

Given the plethora of hospitals and medical schools in Baltimore, like Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland, we decided to give you some reasons why healthcare professionals make great roommates! So whether you’re a Hopkins employee looking to live with another Hopkins employee/student, or are just in search of a responsible roommate, Homies is here to help you find the perfect fit!

1. They’re natural caretakers.

Healthcare professionals are notorious for having a caretaking-nature; and who wouldn’t want to live with a roommate who possesses a compassionate disposition! Need to vent? Their ability to lend a listening ear after a rough day at work or a bad breakup is an asset in a roommate!

2. …and rational thinkers.

In addition to being natural caretakers, those working in hospitals like Johns Hopkins are trained to be rational and enlightened decision makers. Working well under pressure is just one thing at which these folks excel. Because you and your roommate often need to make collective decisions about your apartment or home, this is an important quality for a roommate.

3. …and communicators!

Above all, those in healthcare spend their days interacting with patients, families, and colleagues. Inevitably, this has set up these professionals to be great listeners and communicators. Communication is the hallmark quality of any relationship — including roomie relationships — and it’s important to live with others who prioritize discussion about your shared spaces.

4. They take responsibility seriously.

Responsibility is no laughing matter for healthcare professionals. Their daily dedication to the care of patients is a source of pride and joy for this selfless group; and this responsibility translates well into their home lives. Whether managing utilities bills, asking permission to throw a party at your spot, or cleaning up after the party, they’re dependable with a unique consideration for others.

5. Unique schedule.

Many healthcare workers have unique schedules which can either make scheduling things like maintenance visits a dream or a nightmare. For those who work a traditional 9AM-5PM, the unique schedule of a roommate with eclectic hours could relieve you of taking days off unnecessarily. Other perks? It might give you both more alone-time than a roommate with an identical schedule.

6. They possess the ability to plan.

Due to unique schedules, and many years of schooling, your potential roommate likely has an exceptional ability to plan. Whether you like structure, or could benefit from a little bit more of it, you can bet your future roommate dates are penciled into a schedule.

7. They make decent money.

Exact numbers aren’t important, but healthcare professionals are usually well paid and have job stability. This is an important consideration while renting and looking for potential roommates. Why? Because it means they will be able to afford rent. And given #3, likely to consistently pay it on time.

Looking for a roommate in healthcare? Another medical school student? Or another profession altogether? Don’t forget to download Homies to find the perfect fit!

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