Moving Day is almost here! So you scouted a new apartment, signed the lease, met your new roommates – it’s an exciting (and hectic) time. There are a lot of moving parts (pun intended) when you’re aiming to transport your life from one space to another, so Homies is here to help you out. Whether you’re headed to a new state, new city, new area of the city, or just down the street, here are 10 frequently-forgotten things you’ll want to remember during the transition to your new apartment:

1. Update your address

One of the first things you should do when moving is change your address with your work, bank, and credit card companies. It seems obvious, but in the midst of a move to a new apartment, a lot of people skip out on informing more than just friends about their new address. If you’re afraid you missed updating someone, be sure to submit your new address mail-forwarding to USPS.

2. Research parking situation

You should think about parking for two reasons: cost and accessibility. If you’re bringing your car along to your new apartment, you should be sure to factor in the cost of a parking spot to your monthly budget. Additionally, not all apartments come with a parking spot. If you’re living in a city, it would be in your best interest investigate the street parking situation around your new digs. Do you need a permit? Is it a free-for-all? Restrictions for street cleaning? Either way, you’re going to want to do your homework!

3. Scout what’s within walking distance

The first few nights after your move will likely be busy. You may be busy unpacking, trying to catch up on work, or just straight-up exhausted. You’ve earned it! But to make your life easier, scout out some places around your spot to grab some basic groceries, a 6-pack, or some takeout. It’ll get you familiar with your new neighborhood and what it has to offer while making your life a lot easier.

4. Switch over all relevant services (internet/cable, water + electricity + gas), (trash if necessary) 

If you’re moving into a new place by yourself, remember to switch over all of your utility accounts (electricity, gas, water, and internet/cable.) If you’re moving in with roomies, make sure your new apartment has everything settled in terms of necessities. And figure out who’s name they’re under and who/if you need to pay each month for your share. Regardless, you need to remember to close your account at your old place to avoid paying unnecessary months.

5. Remind your boss

Packing, unpacking, runs to the bank, phone calls – moving is a full-time job. But chances are you’ve got an actual job on top of the tasks of moving your entire life to a new apartment. Although we’re SURE you’re great at multi-tasking, it’s a good idea to remind your boss a few days before the big move. You may unresponsive to phone calls or your email game may be a little delayed – all for good reason. Just be sure to shoot a reminder email to them.

6. Call in backup

A lot of people underestimate the stress of moving, and it’s hardly a two person job, let alone one person. If you can’t afford to hire movers, be sure to reach out to friends and coworkers that may be willing to help in the process. Friends are empathetic to the painstaking process; plus the cost of paying them in pizza and beer is way cheaper than a medical bill from trying to lift all those boxes by yourself. The more hands, the faster the move!

7. Prepare first night box

Ok so you packed everything up. But what happens that first night when you need a towel? Chargers? toothbrush/paste? Remember to pack a first night box/bag with everyday necessities like phone chargers, toiletries, toilet paper, bedding, and towels. Again, this will reduce stress and make life way easier for you post-move.

8. Do a final walkthrough inspection

This is a two-part suggestion. While cleaning your old place, make sure to inspect the space and take pictures to document the condition in which it was left. This is an important precautionary measure to take in case your landlord or management company wrongfully reports a discrepancy and wants to keep some of your security deposit. At the same time, it’s important to take pictures of your new place and highlight problematic areas at the start of your lease so that you’re not blamed and charged for them when/if you eventually move out.

9. Introduce yourself to your neighbors

No matter if you’re moving in to a 1BR apartment or a 4BR house with some friends, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with your neighbors. There’s something to be said for maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors; invite them over for dinner, a Saturday night pre-game, or a housewarming party.

10. Save all of your receipts!

If you’re moving for job-related purposes, keep all your receipts! Some jobs are willing to reimburse for costs, such as truck rentals and boxes; but if your work doesn’t, you might still be able to claim moving expenses on your upcoming tax forms. You can read more about qualifying for deductible moving expenses HERE!

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