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Our customized, compatibility-based programming tees you up with your ideal match in less than 3 minutes.

  • Customizable Matches, Better Results For You

    We give ultimate control to the user to select their ideal match for cohabitation.

    We cover all the bases – you will answer questions related to the financial, logistical, and social elements of the prospective shared space.

  • Find A Home And Meet Your Homie

    The proprietary Homies algorithm saves you time, energy, and money.

    It also grants you peace of mind, as your ideal match may be selected from several viable candidates.



  • Your Security Is Our Security

    Not only do we protect your demographics, but we also grant you the option to block any users you choose, based on any criteria you choose.

  • We've Got You Covered

    Our contract builder is there to protect our users. We’ve had our legal team construct this element of our product, which enables our users to seamlessly create and customize all of the documents they’ll need to minimize all inherent risks.

  • Fill Your Room Quickly

    If your former roommates can’t maintain their commitments to your shared living environment, turn to us for a solution. We provide a bevy of options to fill your empty room and unpaid lease quickly.

Find Your Perfect Roommate Now

Meet The Homies Team

  • Mark Lubin – Co-Founder

    Must Haves: Quiet Hours, Maid Service, Own Bathroom
    Couldn’t Hurt: Party Friendly, Shared Cinematic Interests, Big TV
    Deal Breakers: Neat Freaks, Homebodies, No A/C

  • Win Warfield – Co-Founder 

    Must Haves: Private Room, Sleep-over Friendly, Affordable Rent
    Couldn’t Hurt: Anyone Who Supports The Howard Stern Enterprise, Cheap Eats, Walkability To Nightlife
    Deal Breakers: Inconsiderate Roommates, Night Owls, Bad Credit

Mark Lubin and Win Warfield met in 2006, when they were paired as roommates at boarding school. Their experience as roommates was excellent and they have remained friends ever since. Years later, Mark and Win were commiserating about how unhappy each of them was with his current roommate, and how great it would have been if they had been able to learn more about their roommates before moving in together. Mark and Win quickly recognized that there was a great need for a service that would enable a person looking for a roommate to maximize the likelihood of finding a good fit before getting into the relationship. In August 2015, Mark and Win formed Homies in order to provide just such a service.

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