The usual “I Need a Roommate” model typically consists of one single individual seeking another single individual to share space and expenses.

But that model is changing.

With rental rates increasing upwards of 8% in 2016, couples are looking for ways to save for their future.

In situations where rent is high and other lending responsibilities are higher, couples are seeking housemates to help ease the burden. Let’s take a look at three different perspectives involving couples as roomies and how all of those involved can thrive and survive financially.

How to Survive as a Couple With Roommates

When it Comes to Relationships

It can be a little weird on date night when you get ready to Netflix and Chill with your partner and your single roommates sit down between the two of you.

Do they know they’re in the way?

Probably not.

So what do you do when you want to get all kissy face without your roomies watching?

You figure out a schedule.

Take the time to print out a calendar and have a pow-wow with your roommates. Maybe Friday nights the living room is for you and your significant other, Saturday nights are for Roommate A, and Sunday nights for Roommate B. Alternate the nights each week so that all is fair in love and war.

When it Comes to Money

Let’s say you’ve got a four-bedroom house, but you and your spouse only utilize one bedroom.

You’ve got bills to pay and a future to plan. What to do?

Making the decision to rent out the other rooms for a specified period of time just may be the ideal solution.

In Seattle, Washington, The Naumann’s did this with friends they met at a local church. Instead of paying over $2,500 a month for their house, they rent out three bedrooms to single friends. This allows them to pay down $112 thousand in combined student loan debt.

How to Survive as a Single Person with a Couple as Roommates

When it Comes to Relationships

Living with a married couple can actually benefit you. For the most part, married people already have it figured out when it comes to managing their finances.

Like any other living arrangement, determining personal space is a huge plus. That’s why if you’re involved with someone that lives elsewhere, it’s easier to give the couple you live with space, because you can run and hide at your girlfriend’s house.

It also gives your girlfriend piece of mind.

Joey Close, a financial advisor in New York City, lives with a married couple. He said, “The fact that they were a married couple around my age was a bonus. I figured there would be less chance of them splitting up and then having troubles with their part of the rent,” Mr. Close said. Plus, he added, “My girlfriend is very happy with me sharing with a married couple rather than single guys who will want to go and meet girls.” (Source: The New York Times)

When it Comes to Money

Living with the couple saves Joey Close plenty of cash. With rent and utilities combined, he pays out $800 a month in a city that demands $1500 or more for a small one-bedroom apartment.

Someday Joey and his girlfriend may merge their own finances and move in together. For now, he reaps the benefits of living with a couple who are as money conscious as he is.

How to Survive as a Couple With Other Couples As Roommates

When it Comes to Relationships

The trend of couples living with other couples isn’t new, but it certainly is growing. That’s because those making this kind of lifestyle decision understand the financial benefit that comes with merging two marital unions under one roof.

However, before you decide to move you and your significant other in with another couple (or anyone else, for that matter), make sure your relationship is on solid ground. If it is, get ready to save the big bucks.

“The question you have to think about is: What are you gaining?” said Paula Levy, a family therapist. “If you’re gaining economically and it’s reducing overall stress, that can be a good thing. You just want to make sure it’s not creating a new, different problem.” (Source: The Tayeb Group)

When it Comes to Money

If you’re one couple living with another couple, the second best way to save money is to make sure you know who is buying what – and when.

In Brooklyn, two couple are making it work, except when it comes to buying groceries.

“I bought a carton of eggs because I thought we ran out,” Danny Randerson told his girlfriend.

“Oops, so did I,” the wife of the second couple noted.

With two dozen eggs and four people under one roof, that’s a lotta omelets. Too many perhaps, for two couples on a budget. (Source: Women’s Day)

When it comes to saving cash, talk about groceries in the beginning of the week. Keep a whiteboard, if necessary, to make a note on any item that one of the four of you plan on picking up.

In the End…

We do what we need to do to make things work. If you’re wincing as you read this article, imagining the horrific things that can happen living with a couple, unfurrow your eyebrows

Imagine all of the good things that can happen. When you choose to live with the right people, the possibilities and the friendships are endless.

Just don’t buy any more eggs.